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About Video Paper Service

This is another initiative by IJHEPS. Under this, IJHEPS will also launch video papers. The aim of launching this video paper service is to publish a video supplement that focuses on the delineated analysis to multidisciplinary areas such as humanities, engineering & pharmaceutical sciences. The videos are directed, filmed, produced and published by the author himself/herself. Every video article is supplied with abstract and elaborate manuscript showing the author fulfilling the procedure delineated in his/her manuscript. Every video manuscript includes a Pdf file of the associated manuscript and an Mp4 file compatible to transportable video players.

How to Prepare a Video Paper

Steps to be followed in preparing/sending a video paper:

  • First of all you need to send a copy of your paper in word (.doc /.docx) format. In that paper, you have to mention, just after the title, paper to be submitted for video edition.
  • Then, our reviewer will review that paper. Under this review process paper will undergo a double blind peer review process.
  • You will be informed about acceptance/rejection of the paper. In case, if reviewer suggests for some corrections/modifications in the paper. Then you will send that paper again after making the required changes.
  • At the starting of the video paper, you will be required to give your brief introduction along with designation.
  • Once your paper is approved/accepted, you can send your recorded video paper (which must be recorded in a fashion like a news reader reads the news on a T.V. channel). You can also take the help of presentation slides. Table, diagrams & results etc. must be shown through presentation slides.

Points to be remembered while recording a video paper

  • Video paper must be recorded with minimum 5 Mega Pixel cameras.
  • Voice quality must be clear. Don’t be too fast (or slow) while speaking
  • English is the only language to be used in video papers. No other regional language is accepted.
  • Video format type must be Mp4 only
  • Background in the video must be clear
  • Duration- Maximum 10 to 15 Minutes.